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how we work with candidates

high profile
We’ve been finding great jobs for people in the advertising and public relations industry
for well over a decade now and we have built our profile and reputation on consistent,
long-term performance. That’s why we get the most sought-after briefs from all the top
agencies and why we can be the first to offer the most desirable jobs.

your career
As one of our candidates we follow your progress through the industry with personal
interest. After all, it works just as well for us if you go from strength to strength as it
does for you. We will work with you offering you support, guidance and all the
benefits of our wealth of experience to help you get where you want to go.

We are committed to the industry. Sandy is a key supporter of the APG, including
sponsoring and judging Planning Idol. We also have long term associations with the
Communications Council, ADMA and the PRIA.